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  • Clients: Enter this section to access and take your exam.  Use the code given at registration to access the exam.

  • For clients applying for annual renewal. Posted free of charge: National infusion and vascular access organizations documents for study to qualify clients for up to 10 recert credits. The programs are provided as PDF documents, candidates must review the programs and complete each program post-test to receive credits for annual renewal.
  • Updated for 2014 and Customized to UWMC Peripheral IV Catheter Devices:
    This self-study course focus is on "short" aka traditional Intravenous catheter insertion procedures, care, maintenance, and complications.
  • Videos, tests, developed and posted by PICC Line Specialists, LTD.
  • UPGRADED for 2014!: This self-study course focus is on "short" aka traditional Intravenous catheter insertion procedures, care, maintenance, and complications.
  • Part one of our full IV therapy administration, care and maintenance course. The program is appropriate as a full IV therapy course for LPN/LVNs or a refresher infusion therapy course for RNs.

  • THIS IS PICC101 - THE FOUNDATION PICC/MIDLINE INSERTION CLASS: TAKE THIS CLASS BEFORE TAKING OUR PICC & MIDLINE INSERTION ULTRASOUND CLASS. Description: Didactic education in PICC and Midline Insertion - including utilization of basic and MST introduction techniques, care, maintenance, complications and troubleshooting.

    This course is the 1st pre-requisite to attending our PICC and Midline Insertion one day in-person lab.

  • Didactic instruction in ultrasound use for vascular access procedures.

  • THIS IS PICC102 - THE ADVANCED PICC/MIDLINE INSERTION CLASS: TAKE THIS CLASS AFTER TAKING OUR PICC & MIDLINE INSERTION BASICS+ CLASS. Description: Didactic class instruction in PICC & Midline insertion utilizing MST & ultrasound guidance. 2nd prerequisite class to our 1 day PICC & Midline Workshop.
  • Accelerated online phlebotomy course designed for healthcare professionals who would like to qualify for phlebotomy certification. Successful completion of this class and clinical requirements (25 venipunctures, 10 skin punctures, OR our Connecticut In-person lab practicum) qualifies the program participant to sit for the NHA national phlebotomy certification exam.

  • Online self-directed course for nurses and health care professionals that care for central lines.  Course includes care and maintenance of central line venous access devices such as tunneled (example: Hickmans, Broviacs), non-tunneled (percutaneously placed, PICC lines, and totally implanted ports (PortAcaths, PasPorts).

  • Interactive 2 session program on phlebotomy procedures and tests frequently performed by nurses and healthcare personnel. Includes venipuncture and capillary sampling, common tests, prevention of test errors, and complication prevention.


Our online classes, instructor-led webinars, and online exams are accessed from this section.  Register and pay for the class online under the "Online Classes and Exams" category at http:piccresource.com/cart/ .  To access a class; enter the access code (given within the emailed confimation receipt) when prompted.

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